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Mr. Deepak. V Rao as an entrepreneur started the construction activity way back from its inception in 1984 under the name of Accanoor Associates where he commenced the Slum Rehab Project as Sole Proprietor, recognized throughout this industry as a man of high principals, moral, conscience and integrity and is responsible for strategy, industry relations and business development of the firm. Mr. Deepak. V Rao is also successful, due to not only its commitment to slum rehabilitation projects, but also due to the sound business acumen it applies to all facets of operations.

Mr. Deepak V Rao is ably supported and assisted by a team of qualified, talented and experienced professionals in the areas of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Project Management, Marketing, Finance and Customer Service. Mr. Deepak V Rao has its roots firmly established in the business of Real Estate Development. With a vision of Expansion and Growth in activities Mr. Deepak V Rao has formed a Pvt Ltd. Co. under the companies Act 1956 known as “ACKNUR CONSTRUCTIONS PVT LTD”.


Mrs. Caryn Deepak Rao the Director Administration has contributed with her expertise and has stood as a second pillar along with Mr. Deepak. V Rao. Mrs. Caryn Deepak Rao is responsible for managing the entire office affairs which includes Human Resources, Managing Finance, Purchase, & Marketing, and also play’s a very important role in strategy planning. Mrs. Caryn Deepak Rao is also a Director In the Dubai based company Acknur Contracting L.L.C. and is instrumental in handling the Administration.


Mr. Mohammed Raza Mohammedi, Director Operations in the Company, has vast experience in the field of real estate. He has been associated with the Company since a decade. He is responsible for the overall working of the company.
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