Media Releases


Oct 2014

We never challenge fundamental logics of any applicable notification or circular. Acknur has always been guided by a simple policy of delivering its projects on time. "I am not your socalled, ISO-certified builder. I never go by market rates. I may be a small brand, but my project-cost-plus pricing formula has brought me good business, whether in boom or in bust


Feb 2014

Now more than half the population of Mumbai lives in shanties and miserable conditions.Yet they throwback substantially to the economic muscle of India's most advanced metro.They deserve rehabilitation from their miserable living conditions.


Dec 2012

We should create a decent living atmosphere for slum dwellers by rehabitating them from the present situation . there are part and parcel of our system and their contribution is significantly endemic to the society.The class of the so-called elite class anywhere is unthinkable without labour class people.

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